Student Loan Forgiveness Application How to fill the form

We the Student Loan Forgiveness Application will show you how to get your loan canceled by filling out the form? This information may be useful to you if you’re one of the many students who took out student loans in order to pay for college.

Some U.S. legislative changes now offer support opportunities that will benefit many students who are in debt due to taking out student loans.

New legislation has allowed student loans to be forgiven if they meet certain qualifications. This program is said to be a Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. Here’s how you can apply.

What do you need to fill out in order to get student loan forgiveness

The form is called the Public Service Loan Forgiveness, (PSLF) and Temporary Expanded PSDLF (TEPSLF), Certification Form & Application (PSLFForm)’ and. It can be downloaded from the US government’s website.

There are several sections you can fill out. However, each person who submits the form must agree to these conditions:

  • To be eligible for forgiveness, you must have made 120 qualifying loans payments while I was employed full-time by a qualified employer. The 120 qualifying payments or employment must not be consecutive.
  • To qualify for forgiveness, you must be employed full-time by a qualifying employer.
  • You can submit this form to request that my student loans, which are held by the Department, be transferred to FedLoan Servicing.
  • If the Department finds that I may be eligible for forgiveness the Department can contact my employer to request forgiveness. I will continue to work for the employer if I receive forgiveness.
  • If I am eligible to be forgiven, the amount forgiven will equal the principal and any interest I owe on my eligible Direct loans at the time that I made my final qualifying payments. Any amount I pay on those loans after I have made my last qualifying payment, will be considered an overpayment. I must continue to pay my other loans.
  • If I am not eligible to forgive, I will be notified about the determination, its reasons, and how many qualifying payment I have made towards PSLF/TEPSLF.

This is the key point. Your student loan can be repaid if you make 120 monthly qualifying payments. You must have been paying down your student loan for at most 10 years. Also, you must be working for a qualified employer at the time of the submission.

It is highly recommended that you submit the PSLF annually or whenever your employer changes. This will keep your information up-to-date and make it easier for you to complete your student loan forgiveness.

To whom do you send your student loan forgiveness request?

Once you have completed the Public Service Loan Forgiveness & Temporary Expanded PSLF (TEPSLF), Certification and Application (PSLF Formula)’, it can be mailed to the US Department of Education FedLoan Servicing. Harrisburg, PA 17106-9184.

A fax number is also available and is described on the form.

What We can do for You?

We the student Loan Forgiveness Application are a private company and we will provide you with all documentation and will prepare your application form. You can contact us via phone call or by submitting the application.

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