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SLFA helps government employees to apply for government loan forgiveness. This includes employers such as the U.S. military, public elementary and secondary schools, public colleges and universities, public child and family service agencies, and special governmental districts (including entities such as public transportation, water, bridge district, or housing authorities).

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Government employees Loan forgiveness

Education Department Public Employee Loan Waiver: The PSLF program allocates government employees, along with federal officials and military recruits to reduce federal student loan payments and forgive them after paying 120 eligible loans.

For personnel who owe federal student loans of approximately $ 35,000 or more, this underutilized program means tens of thousands of dollars may be forgiven (the amount is unlimited, not included). In some cases, monthly repayments can be reduced by hundreds of dollars. Change your life.

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Here’s how the PSLF program works:

– Income versus debt

 If you have a federal loan of about $ 35,000 or more, you may be eligible for government loan forgiveness relief. (Unfortunately, Parent Plus loans are rarely covered.

If your spouse also has a student loan, you can get more benefits through PSLF.


 Eligible loans for PSLF are federal student loans that you provide. The American Student Debt Program integrates several types of federal loans (Stafford, Perkins, FFEL, etc.) into the direct loans qualified by the PSLF program.

– 120 payments

 Participating in a comprehensive loan income-based repayment plan requires applicants to make a total of 120 payments in time to offset their balance.

– Qualified employer

 Qualified employers include government agencies at all levels (federal, state, military, tribal or local), some non-profit organizations, Peace Corps and AmeriCorps.

– Full-time employment

 To participate in the program, you must work with at least one qualified employer for at least 30 hours a week.

– Recertification

 To continue implementing the program, the PSLF program will require you to recertify your personal information (income, employers, number of family members, etc.) every year. The Student Debt USA will remind you and assist you in recertifying.

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Other important criteria for eligibility:

Personal loans are not eligible, and only federal loans are eligible.

If your loan defaults, you will not be able to actively participate in the transfer of public service loans, but you can qualify by changing the default status. (US student debt helped facilitate this procedure.)

 For example, suppose you leave the qualified civil service sector to engage in unskilled work in the private sector or retire. In that case, the payments made at this point will only count as regular 240 payments (balance has been paid before that), and there are regular income-based refunds.

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