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The union is taking new measures to force the education sector to use the president’s actions. This will allow student loans from Americans in student debt for public service. The union is putting pressure on the Biden administration. And they are demanding to take more actions to reduce student debts.

On Thursday, various unions on behalf of teachers, firefighters, health workers, and civil servants called on Education Minister Miguel Cardona. And they demanded to completely forgive borrowers who have served as civil servants for more than ten years.

The union said that the Ministry of Education’s current public service loan forgiveness program is dogged by problems and negligence and needs to be alleviated. The program rejected more than 98% of applicants who applied for loan repayment.

The Cardona Union wrote in a letter shared with POLITICO: “The COVID-19 pandemic emphasizes the need for urgent action. Public service workers Should have profited from the Public Service Loan License (PSLF) program of the Ministry of Education. Public service personnel is at the forefront of responding to the pandemic. A patient care, student education, basic service provision crosswise The country”.

The letter was preceded by the National Education Association, the largest teacher union in the United States. In this letter, they contracted by 14 other unions representing more significant than 10 million civil servants. They consist of the American Federation of Civil Servants. Employees of the United States, counties, and cities. International Fire Fighters Association; United Auto Workers; and United Nations Service Staff.

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For many years, Democrats have expressed worry about the difficulties faced by public service workers when browsing the federal public service loan repayment plan. They severely criticized Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s oversight of the plan, and the Trump administration proposed to cancel the plan.

The union wrote in a letter to Cardona on Thursday: “For our organization, it is clear that after four years of scandal and widespread mismanagement allegations, the federal government has failed to keep this promise.”

President Joe Biden vowed to amend the public service loan tax exemption program and support a bill to expand benefits during the campaign.

The union is now working further with the Biden government to use administrative measures to provide automatic relief to civil servants quickly.
The letter stated, that the Ministry of Education should use its emergency powers during the epidemic. And they will take measures to exempt regulations and laws necessary to enforce loan relief.

What Biden is thinking about the union’s demand?

However, Biden expressed doubts about using the executive power to cancel federal student loan debts individually. Previous this year, as many leftists and Senate leader Chuck Schumer urged President Trump to take action to cancel each borrower’s $50,000 debts. But he said he would not accept it.

The White House did not rule out the president from taking any administrative measures to resolve the student loan debt problem. And said that President advisers will investigate the matter.

The Biden administration published a series of “targeted” assistance for federal student loan borrowers last week, but consumer advocates slammed the policy for being too strict.

The Ministry of Education has canceled the debts of some students, which were fraudulently obtained for the benefit of the university, and gave up some paperwork to facilitate the repayment of loans for severely disabled borrowers. Earlier this week, the department also stopped collecting more than 1 million borrowers, thus defaulting on federally guaranteed student loans conducted by private organizations.

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