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John Sperling, the founder, and president of Briarcliffe College was recently able to sell his stock share for fifty-nine million dollars. He did that because the gainful-employment act passed. Since then, for-profit colleges saw a significant increase in the price of their stocks. Contact Student Loan Forgiveness Application to get your Briarcliffe University Loan Forgiveness.

Let me now clarify what the gainful work act is.

This was how for-profit colleges were found out to be deceptive in their recruiting strategies. They were promising students the moon, the stars, and huge loans. After that, students would get into programs that weren’t beneficial. Because they were unable to find work after graduation they would inherit huge student loan amounts.

The Obama administration, congress, and Congress saw this as a huge problem. They wanted regulations to regulate the for-profits system. Americans taxpayers are the losers in this case, as our tax dollars pay for the schools and financial aid that allows these students into these horrific institutions. So Congress approves the gainful-employment act. This will make sure that certain students who graduate from these schools get work. If they are unable to find work, then the government will not provide financial assistance to students who choose to attend a non-profit college. It was a very clear proposal. The for-profit college freaked out because they didn’t know where to turn.

They then sat back, thought about the following: they know everyone in government has been bought so it would be a good idea to start with some campaign dollars. They fund both republicans AND democrats. Actually, they are funding more democratic than republicans. They provided heavy funding, and in the end, when the gainful Employment Act was passed, it was a much watered-down and lenient version. The idea is that it gives these for-profit colleges three chances to do things right in a span of four years.

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The government can take funding away if they mess up three of these colleges in just four years. John Sperling then had plenty of time to cash out. You might not be aware of this or you may. This is far worse than credit card and student loan debt. A whole new generation of college-educated students is out there right now and cannot find work. It is true that there are many qualified teachers and professors in each of these schools. These schools don’t offer degrees that can help them succeed once they have graduated.

Another surprising statistic is that only 13% of US students go to for-profit colleges. But, 50% of student loans defaults stem from those who attend for-profit colleges. John Sperling, a friend of ours, is one example of an investor at these for-profit institutions. Private Universities such as USC are not managed like businesses and don’t need investors. These for-profit schools are run just like businesses. All of these for-profit universities run like businesses, including the University of Phoenix (University of Phoenix), Harrington College (University of Phoenix), and Briarcliffe.


According to the Consumer Protection Bureau’s report, the national crisis in student debt amounts to more than 1 trillion dollars. There have also been widespread government initiatives that offer partial or total forgiveness for student loans. Additionally, there has been a growing entrepreneurial social movement that offers real expediting (at reasonable prices) to restore balance to our economy.

The Student Loan Forgiveness Application is one of the many services that help students navigate all the options and programs available from the Department of Education. It offers real guidance to students on how to consolidate, reduce, or even forgive all Briarcliffe University federal and private student loan forgiveness debts.

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