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Ever since the pandemic has hit the United States, people from almost every sector are affected. The majority of those vulnerable people are college-going students who are studying on federal loans. With the complete shutdown of markets in the US, students who were working part-time got deprived of their jobs. As a result, it started to become difficult for them to pay back their debt. In response to this, the Democrats presented the bill to forgive up to $50,000 of students’ debt. The exact bill did not get approved; however, President Biden agreed to forgive up to $10,000 of students’ debt. 

Besides that, students were also given the student loan payment pause until the economic activities resume. While the student loan pause’s end date was supposed to be in September 2021, the external pressure on the Biden administration has made President Biden use his executive power to extend the loan repayment pause until January 2022. The next student loan pause’s end date is tentatively January 31st, 2022. President Biden said, “This will give the Department of Education and borrowers more time and more certainty as they prepare to restart student loan payments.” He further added, “It will also ensure a smoother transition that minimizes loan defaults and delinquencies that hurt families and undermine our economic recovery.”

The decision was reconsidered in response to COVID-19’s delta variant’s wave hitting the entire world. In addition to this, since the economic activities are not getting back to normal sooner, it would still be challenging for the borrowers to pay back their debt. However, the extension of the deadline will help them prepare better for future repayments. 

Although President Biden’s exact plan for students loan repayment is still unclear, experts believe that he will keep on using his executive position and former legislative plans to relieve students from the repayments. The student loan extension may or may not take place now. Thus, students should be ready for the worst as well. 

While there are so many uncertainties, if you are looking for how President Biden and his team will take forward the student loan forgiveness and repayment pause policies, we have got very important information for you. You should definitely continue reading this. 

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President Biden’s long-term student loan forgiveness policies: 

Biden’s program of forgiving borrowers’ some amount of debt is not the only program supported by the current government. President Biden has also revived some programs to help students pay their debt.

Biden says he wants to start by revamping the already existing loan debts forgiveness options offered by the Federal government. Those programs are known as the income-based repayment and the first of these was passed by President Clinton’s administration. Bill Clinton liked the idea of having students pay a share of their income each month rather than a fixed dollar amount. One example of these programs is called Revise Pay As You Earn (REPAYE). In REPAYE plans, anyone who is struggling to pay their student loans can send a new minimum payment that is 10% of their income over $25,000. If the borrower makes these payments on time for twenty to twenty-five years. Then the government will forgive the remaining amount of their loan. Biden’s proposal changes this program in a way that draws less money from borrowers. The minimum pay rate for these plans would be reduced from 10% to 5% of their income after their first $25,000 earned. 

Besides that, in response to what the Democrats suggested i.e., forgiving the debt amount up to $50,000, Biden has agreed to forgive the debt amount of borrowers up to $10,000. Additionally, the borrowers will be given leniency in paying back the remaining payable amount. 

What’s there for those who are currently enrolling in colleges and don’t want to take loans?

Because the students who were studying on loans are seeking relief from the government in the form of debt repayment pause or forgiveness, the students who are setting off for colleges are getting worried. But should they worry anymore? The answer is no! 

President Biden has proposed that students may get free undergraduate studies if they meet certain criteria. Besides that, the students can only enroll in public colleges. There are already many colleges offering such aids.  

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This is all you should know about Biden’s loan payment pause and forgiveness as of yet. If you want to stay updated with more such information, keep visiting our website:

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