Arizona Student Loan Forgiveness and Financial Aid Programs

Arizona offers several programs for student loan forgiveness that are unique to Arizona. Residents of Arizona may be eligible for Federal student loan forgiveness programs.

Arizona Loan Forgiveness Programs

Program: Primary Care Provider Loan Remedies Program (PCPLRP), and Rural Primary Care Provider Loan Remedies Program (RPPCPLRP).

  • Amount Variable by profession and time contract, starting at $6,500/year to $20,000/year
  • Description The Arizona Loan Repayment Program is managed by the Arizona Department of Health Services, Bureau of Health Systems Development (BHSD), also known as the Primary Care Office of the State of Arizona. These programs are designed to encourage the retention and recruitment of health care professionals. They repay their qualified educational loans in return for their two-year commitment to provide primary healthcare services in federally-designated Arizona Medically Underserved Areas (HPSA).
  • You must be a licensed medical professional.
  • How to Apply: Visit this website: Arizona Loan Repayment
  • Program Details: Arizona Loan Repayment Details

Program: Science, Maths, and Special Education Teacher Loan Forgiveness

  • SS must be a U.S. Citizen or an eligible noncitizen. You must have resided in Arizona for the past 12 months prior to the application being submitted.
  • SS must be enrolled at minimum half-time in a bachelor’s degree program at an Arizona postsecondary institution that is nationally or regionally accredited.
  • SS Must be a junior/senior (completed at minimum 60 college credit hours) in a program of instruction with the intention to obtain licensure in Arizona as a teacher of math, science, and special education in a school in Arizona, or become a teacher of elementary education in a school located in an area in Arizona (Apache Cochise Graham & Greenlee), that has a shortage in teachers, as determined by the state board.

Program: Joyce Holsey’s ALL (Arizona’s Legal Legacy) Loan Repayment Assistance Programme

  • AmountVaries
  • Requirements Arizona legal assistance attorneys working for one of the Foundation’s approved nonprofit organizations are eligible for this loan repayment program in memory of Joyce Holsey. Joyce, who silently dedicated her entire life to giving equal access to justice to thousands of people around the world, was a tireless advocate. These funds will go towards the alumni of these schools who work with the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law and James E. Rogers College of Law. Foundation contributions are open to all Arizona law school graduates. Attorneys from government agencies are not eligible at this time.
  • Website Joyce Holsey’s Program
  • Description The Joyce Holsey’s Loan Repayment Program was established to provide statewide assistance for law graduates who are working in programs that serve the civil legal needs and the poor. Low salaries paid to lawyers in the legal aid field highlight the need for such programs. This program helps to supplement the low salaries of legal aid attorneys by allowing qualified applicants to receive forgivable loans through the Foundation to help them pay their Law School loans. This program is designed to assist attorneys in obtaining and maintaining public service.

Arizona Student Loan And Financial Aid Programs

Arizona offers a variety of financial aid programs and private student loans that can help pay for college. These programs are available to students who plan to attend college in Arizona.

These programs aim to make college more affordable so you can afford the education you want. These programs may include student loans, grants, scholarships, and grants.

There are also federal student loan programs. Find out how to apply for a Federal student loan.

We recommend that students also follow a -specific order of operations to help pay for college. These programs are specific to Arizona and can help you avoid borrowing more than you need.

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Arizona Student Loan Programs

Arizona only has one student loan program. The Arizona Teacher Loan Program provides a need-based, forgivable loan that enables Arizona residents to finance their education and encourages them to teach in Arizona public schools. The maximum forgivable loan amount is $7,000 per academic calendar for up to 3 years, excluding any grants, scholarships or other tuition benefits.

Learn more about the Arizona Teacher Loan Program by clicking.

There are limitations on how much you can borrow, which might be why you are here.

Arizona Scholarship Programs

Arizona does not have any scholarship programs for specialty students.

The University of Arizona offers a scholarship to incoming students.

Arizona Grant Programs

Arizona residents have one grant program that is specialty-related.

Grants are one the most effective forms of financial assistance because you don’t have to pay back the money in most cases.

Arizona Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership

Arizona Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership, (AzLEAP), is a partnership between the state and institutions to provide financial aid to students in need. This includes need-based grants for students with substantial financial needs who are low-income undergraduate students from Arizona.

Each participating institution is responsible for awarding the grant. Each participating institution can award the grant up to $2,500 for AzLEAP, but the average amount is $1,000.

Other options

Check out our Arizona Student Loan Forgiveness Program page if you have student loans. This page outlines all options for Arizona residents who may be eligible to have some of their student loans forgiven.

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