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In 2001, Argosy University, a non-profit university that Dream Center Education Holdings and Education Management Corporation owned, began its work. It offered more than 50 degrees for bachelor’s and master’s degrees. It had four schools, including the Forbes School of Business and the College of Education, College of Health, College of Liberal Arts, and College of Education. The Argosy University lawsuit of the past years may have made you familiar with the university’s name. The university started a long series of trials in 2006. The Department of Education closed Argosy University’s access to the Federal Financial Aid Program in March 2009. This meant that the Argosy university student loan forgiveness program was not available to students. Argosy University was able to manage the closing process with much greater success than other universities. It immediately gave detailed information to students about the options available and what steps to take. The university has not provided any information on how students can discharge their Argosy University closing-related federal student loans.

About Argosy School Closing Discharge Program

For those who took the student loan, but could not meet the credit requirements to get their diploma, there is good news. These students may have direct access to the Argosy School Closing Discharge Program. This is particularly beneficial for students who are facing the Argosy university closure problem and cannot complete their credit requirements due to the schools closing their doors. Students with poor credit ratings can get rid of their student loans by using this student loan discharge program.

Although it is not easy to be eligible for the discharge program, unlike other student loans forgiveness benefits this program delivers fast to students. The Department of Education will review your case immediately and notify you if you are eligible. You will be notified immediately if you are eligible for the discharge program. This is very important because you won’t have to wait for the Department of Education’s positive response.

To determine if you are eligible for a loan discharge program let’s look at the eligibility requirements for Argosy university student loans forgiveness.

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Request for Help with Student Loan Forgiveness

Argosy University student loan forgiveness is not something you can take lightly. These agencies have employees who deal with student loans every day. They are familiar with solving all types of student loan problems. They can help you figure out the best way to eliminate student loan debt. One of the experienced agencies can help you with the Argosy University student loan forgiveness. They will review your case and give advice on switching student loans repayment plans and getting forgiveness benefits.

Who is eligible for the Argosy university discharge program?

We will now go over all details regarding how to qualify for the Argosy student loan forgiveness. However, the following section provides a general overview of who might be eligible for Argosy’s discharge program.

OR is available for students with credit card debt who were unable to complete their degree at Argosy University.

After you have withdrawn from the program, Argosy University shut down in 120 days.

The university closed because you were on a lease of absentee status. You are eligible for Argosy university student loan forgiveness if you fall into one of these situations.

You will be granted forgiveness immediately if you meet the criteria. Your loan will also be zero regardless of any federal student loans you have. We recommend that you apply for the discharge program if you believe you are eligible. You will lose all credits earned during your university years. However, we recommend that you eliminate student loan debt. The name Argosy University is currently in the gutter and it will be very difficult to transfer your credits to other universities’ credits. It will also be difficult to find a job after earning a diploma from Argosy University.

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Argosy University Student Loan Forgiveness

Argosy University’s discharge program is a great way to get rid of student debt. A second benefit is that you won’t have to pay taxes on forgiven student loans. You will need to pay fees if you want to repay federal student loans. Finally, you can qualify for Argosy University student loan forgiveness. It is easy to do so. The Department of Education will review your case and determine if you are eligible for the discharge program. Once your case has been reviewed, the Department of Education will work with the student loan servicing firm to get rid of your student loans. The Discharge Program will review your application. It will determine if you were a student within the 120-day period following the university’s closure or if you were on leave at the time. If you meet their criteria, they will cancel all student loans associated with Argosy University. Argosy University student loan forgiveness is one the easiest and most straightforward programs you can apply for. We recommend that you use the program if you feel confident you will be eligible.

The disadvantages of the Argosy university discharge program

Because of the disadvantages associated with the forgiveness program, not everyone will want to get rid of student loans. You must remember that you will lose all your earned credits, time, and effort when you apply for a discharge program. You will be able to erase all your Argosy University debt. This means that you will have to retake the education you received while attending Argosy University. You will be unable to transfer any earned credits to another school program if you are eligible for the discharge program. You have one choice: Start a new college and receive a similar education. While some may consider the sacrifice worthwhile, others find it meaningless. It all depends on what your circumstances are. You can apply for the discharge program if you have the time and energy to learn from scratch.

If you don’t have a lot of debt and are going to complete one of the highly-valued degree programs quickly, you might consider transferring your credits to another school program. If you have student loans you are unable to repay and have many credits available, you may be able to apply for a discharge program. Consider whether your degree will lead you to a job well-paying for student loans before you apply for forgiveness. You might consider transferring your credits to another school if you are confident that you can find a job with your university degree.

We want to emphasize that not every Argosy student can benefit from the discharge program. You can transfer your credits and keep your debt if you are one of the STEM students who are highly in demand. You can find a job that pays well and get rid of your student loan quickly after graduation. This is not the case for all Argosy University graduates. Some students may be in a difficult job market or have completed useless degrees. It could prove difficult for these students to find a job or repay their Argosy-related student loans.

How do you apply for the Argosy university discharge program?

Argosy’s university discharge program has the best part. All you have to do is contact your student loan agency and inform them that you are interested in closing your school student loan. Your student loan servicer will help you navigate the entire process, provide detailed information, and ensure that you’re on the right track to removing your student loan. Your student loan service will contact you to inform them that you wish to cancel your loan through a closed school program. Your services will give you the paperwork in the second phase. The paperwork will be required to be completed and returned to the servicer. Your servicer will then send the application form to the Department of Education. This department is responsible for releasing student debt.

That’s it! You are done applying for the discharge program. It is easier than any federal student loan program. Until you are approved for the discharge program, you will need to continue making your monthly payments. It could lead to problems and make it difficult for you to qualify for the discharge program. To ensure your discharge application is being handled efficiently, you should meet with your student loan servicer regularly. You could end up paying more than you need, even if you are approved for the discharge program.

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Refunds from tuition recovery funds

You have other options if you need to get your money back from Argosy University. Another type of discharge program is the State Tuition Recovery Fund. This program pays back tuition and expenses you paid while at Argosy University. Find out quickly if you are eligible for the State Tuition Recovery Fund Refunds Program. You will need to contact the Postsecondary Education Agency of your state. They can help you with the refund process and will guide you. Search for “YOURSTATE Postsecondary Educational Agency” on Google to find the right person. The first agency to be contacted by you is the one that appears in the Google search. Next, you’ll need to contact the agency and ask if you can apply for the refund program.

There are many ways to forgive your Argosy student loan, but we’ve only listed the most straightforward and fastest. These methods may not be the best for you. To get rid of your student loan, you can search for other student loan forgiveness programs.

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